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Here at Cardano FC we are very excited to be the first ever group to purchase 100% of a football club using Cryptocurrency. 
Within in three years of purchasing the club we aim to be running the club solely with cryptocurrency. 

We are building a strong team here with experts in Football, Education, Social Media and Cryptocurrency. If you feel you can be a part of history and join us simply email info@cardanofc.com

Cardano FC CNFTs are available on CNFT.IO 

Image by Joshua Hoehne



We were one of the first producers of CNFTs, entering the Market in March 2021. Since we formed we have sold hundreds of CNFTs. 

Our CNFTs are based loosely on the best players playing football today. We have put together a dream team consisting of a starting 11 and 7 substitutes. 

Some players will be harder to collect than others due to our minting process. Player 18 will have 180 Action Tokens minted and 18 Welcome Tokens, Player 17 will have 170 Action Tokens and 17 Welcome Tokens... Player 1 will have 10 Action Tokens and 1 Welcome Token

Each player is unique in style, ability and personality.  We hope this team is something the Cardano community can be proud of! 

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Cardano FC CNFTs are available on CNFT.IO 

Cardano FC CNFTs are available on CNFT.IO 


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