Our CNFTs 

Right now 

We are releasing our first team squad.

The starting 11 and 7 substitutes. 

Each of these players are getting a three Tokens; an Action Token, a Welcome Token and a
Debut Token.

We are releasing players in order from Player #18 and down to Player #1. 
Each player is currently being given a Action and Welcome Token. Once we have a full
squad we will then release their Debut Tokens. 

Not only are these Tokens very limited, the Welcome Tokens extremely, but they will enhance player ratings on our gaming platform which we are currently working on. For more info on our gaming platform click here.



Once we have created out first team, we will then be releasing Cardano FC 'LEGENDS' CNFTs.

We will be taking 11 of the best footballers to play the game and bringing them back into the game as Cardano FC players as CNFTs and Players on our gaming platform. 

These players will be more limited than the first team squad but their rating on the gaming platform will be very high indeed. 



Following on from the first team and the legends squad we will be asking the Cardano FC Fans to nominate the most exciting talent in football right now.

With these nomination we will create an Under-23 squad. 

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Welcome - WM.png
Welcome WM.png